Motherless Amateur


I always considered Motherless the “4chan” of porn. Not only because Motherless was somewhat popularized there, but because Motherless also encourages users to share their own content in a very open way. This means minimal bullshit like moderation and censorship, and a strong “anything goes” attitude that leads to free and extreme content. It encourages people to create and upload their own homegrown content, like videos of their girlfriend pissing or spycam videos of their cousin. Unfortunately, this also meant a lot of questionable has toned down a lot since back then. You’ll be much more hard-pressed to find illegal shit there now, and the site now mostly consists of interesting or weird content that can sometimes just leave you fucking confused. Luckily, it also has an outstanding amateurs section with some hot ass babes and tight ass pussies as well.Motherless is all about the community. When you find some bitch you like, your best bet here is to find the user who uploaded it and then browse their content. You may get lucky and find a whole treasure trove of the bitch and her various orifices. It’s not just about porn either. One of the most popular videos right now is an art video of a nude chick painted like a lizard, crawling around and looking exactly like a bigass fucking lizard. I mean, I guess I could jerk off to it…but that type of crap just makes me wanna watch it first, and then jerk off afterwards, you know? My point is, the content is highly varied, and you’ll find yourself thinking “where the fuck did they find this recording?”Focusing on the amateur section, it has over 350k videos, 1.7M pics, and you can best believe you’ll find some good and rare stuff here. Like with the rest of the place, it’ll be easy to find some great content, but if you’re really looking for something specific you’ll need to dig around. Don’t underestimate the pic selection either, cause there’s some really rare shit.