I’ve been reviewing a lot of weird shit lately, so I gotta say, it’s a bit of a treat being able to go back to basics. I started out reviewing standard mainstream porn, then the mainstream became niche, when the “step-sisters” attacked, and everyone started jacking off to incest porn. These days that shit’s unavoidable, but that’s irrelevant for this review. I’m here to cover a standard ass, basic ass tube site that’s here to bring you high quality, high resolution, high-octane porn scenes from the best companies in the industry. And did I mention it’s all completely free? That’s right; this is a free tube site. Talk about going back to basics, am I right?So why this site? Why not something a bit more mainstream? Well, I have several good reasons why I prefer websites like Brazzers3X, and it’s a bit hard to explain, but bear with me. Back in the day, the bigger sites, you know the ones that hold the monopoly on porn tube service, they were a staple. They had the best porn, because they had the most porn. And even though we’ve always had fuck-tons of porn to fap to, there was a point where these sites spiraled out of control. These days your average mainstream tube site is flooded with whatever the market is pushing. So, if you’re not into cam-whores or step-sisters, you’re shit out of luck. If you just want to enjoy some regular-ass triple-A sex scenes, you can’t find them as easily as you used to back in the day.